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Hair Genesis Studio
Komenskega 1
4000 Kranj, Slovenia
00386 31 444 868
00386 4 5329 664
Lakmartinska br. 4
51 500 Krk
00385 99 224 80 90

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<br><b>Svetovalni studio</b><br>

Interior of the Hair genesis studio

<b>Zajamčena zasebnost ter individualno strokovno svetovanje.</b> <b>Zajamčena zasebnost ter individualno strokovno svetovanje.</b>

Guaranteed privacy and individual professional consulting

Hair demonstrates more than any other physical characteristic vitality and youth.

With the hair loss you loose much more than just your hair – you loose your inner balance, you loose your self esteem – and this can dramatically affect your personality as you can not give the 100% of the real you. The loss means serious esthetical and psychological challenge regardless of age or gender.

All this can lead to numerous stressfull situations resulting in avoiding the social activities, avoiding the meetings with friends or even family, feeling bad during the meeting with your clients, colleagues at work...

All of the above reduces ability to enjoy benefits of life and success.

As we are aware of this problems we do encourage you to call following phone numbers for your individual consultation with Ms. Spela Seme or somebody of her staff:

00386 4 5329 664 (Fi Potencial d.o.o.)

00386 31 444 868 (Spela Seme, PhD.)

00386 31 302 367 (Robin Suc)

You can reach us on the above numbers every working day (MON – FRI) from 8.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m..

We will be happy to receive your call. It will be our pleasure to see that you are on the way to change your future for the better. Be prepared for success.

Our studio is opened only at scheduled hours on a basis of a prior confirmation of your visit.

We do accept only people suffering from hair loss or their immediate family or their close friends.

Why won’t you enjoy life again? Enjoy it – you deserve the best!

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