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Our Mission: To provide people who are loosing hair with health safe top quality solutions.

Master franchise owner for region of Europe and Australia is Fi Potencial d.o.o..

Head of Hair genesis studio department, Ms. Spela Seme, PhD., is an active support leader of NAAF and has over 20 years of experiences with hair loss as she lost all of her hair at the age of 13. She actually wears a Hair System herself and she knows exactly what she is talking about – as she has tried everything to regain her hair back – from needles and pills to wigs and finally the Hair System.

Ms. Seme will give you all necessary information’s about the attachment, maintenance and best possible use / care and look of the Hair system. She will lead you through the entire process – from the initial consultation until the styling of your new hair at day D – at the end of the frustrating baldness.

You are probably aware that the problems always lie in the details – and the fact that we do know what we are talking about makes us the strongest team in Europe. Well – actually our clients made us – and we do believe that is because we focus on the important delicate details, our professional attitude and strictly individual service.

Ms. Spela Seme works actively together with the internationally recognized experts on the field of Alopecia research and regularly organize seminars about the newest informations about hair loss. She conducts regular informational visits to medical staff in the region of Adriatic and informs all interested MDs about the new developments in this very field.

Everybody in our team has a personal experience with hair loss or has someone suffering from it in one's family. So we know first hand what we are talking about.

We are proud to be specialists in the following areas of consulting:
- esthetic solutions for people suffering from hair loss of all forms
- psychological and esthetical support for people with Alopecia Areata
- complete or partial hair loss due to various medical / surgical treatments
- complete or partial hair loss due to stress factors
- non surgical solutions for younger, natural look giving you back your self confidence and self esteem.

Ms. Spela Seme is also the founder of Slovenian and Croatian support groups.

We do strive to assist to people suffering from partial or complete hair loss. Our support includes psychological and esthetic assistance at the following:
- information and tips about visual techniques and accessories assisting to overcome loss of scalp hair , eyebrows and eyelashes (techniques of eyebrow and eyelashes painting, informations about various hats ...)
- offering information and tips about overcoming the most stressfull period at the beginning of hair loss
- demonstration of techniques which assist individuals to overcome depression and apathy which can accompany the hair loss
- organize meetings for people experiencing hair loss (parents, kids, family members, friends or partners) thus assuring them that they are not alone with the same experience
- sharing of information about newest developments and research of the hair loss
- organizing visits to yearly NAAF meetings in the USA
- informing the population about hair loss through TV and radio, articles in newspapers, magazines, educational boards and seminars, round tables and meetings at hospitals, care centers, schools ..

To have a possibility to improve someone´s quality of life is a great honour. To be a part of the team with such a noble mission is an honour and a joy.

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