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I am a student at 22 years and, unfortunately, me too, facing a trouble called baldness. Well, most men are supposed to get familiar with it saying to themselves: “That is to be considered as something quite normal for men!” But the fact that a number of years I was wearing a long hair certainly didn’t help me stay calm when they began to fall out and get thinner and thinner. I decided to find a ‘final’ solution for this problem of mine since I had chronically lacked selfconfidence.

It was pure coincidence that I came across the web page on hair systems, but my first opinion was that it was just some improved toupee. However, I noticed a claim about an invisible edge of the system and a piece tailor-made for every individual. It was a reason strong enough to make me decide for a visit of the salon.

I knew Špela herself was wearing a hair system, so I was scrutinizing whether anything was to be noticed – and damn right there was no edge visible. Together with Špela I also tested one of systems on my head – it was really something over there not to be felt anyway, light as it was. But my concerns remained about the slight possibilities to find exactly my type of hair, since with a partial system the hairs should meet perfectly or the difference is remarkable. Nevertheless, I decided to order the system, being tired of morning scenes of combing and combing again but never being combed because the amount of hair on my head was too poor. So in spite of some fear, too, I couldn’t wait the day when my system was ready too. When it was ‘put’ onto my head it literally fused with my hair. What I simply adore with the system, however, is the straight hair tied into it (mine is slightly curly when left long, but I decided to have straight hair in my system) – what makes modeling easier, so I even prefer it to my own hair. Now I have a style that suits me perfectly. And what is most important is my satisfaction with my own image each time I look in the mirror. Certainly the price of the system is considerable but as the matter of fact the investment into one's appearance(as I call the purchase of the system) is nearly priceless. Psychological effect of the head full of hair is unique: the regained selfconfidence and a better social life, respectively.

Reaction of my friends and others who know me is well-worth mentioning. I expected some of them to discover I had something new on my head, but nothing of it. Untill now nobody has understood I had the system on my head, not my natural hair. The comment most often heard was: “You coloured your hair, did you? A new colour?” (A thicker hair is typically acting a little darker then before, when the skin was shining through the hair.) Then a pleasing smile follows along with an answer: “Yes, a new colour, exactly!”

The system is simple to use, simply practical – to take it off and to put it on again is really a peace of cake.

I want to approve the firm Fiji d.o.o. (recently renamed to Fi Potencial d.o.o.) and Špela particularly for her professionality in the first place, but also for her availability at any time – she will always help you with the smallest problem or uncertainty.
In short, all customers are really in good hands there.

Hello everybody,
Before you hear some news of me I must start with my sincere apology for having left you waiting such a long time. The main reason lies in my considerably long absence for business travels which I only finished last weekend. Yet I hope you haven’t forgotten me and will be ready to make some hairdressing on me when the time comes for it.
Let me tell a little about my impressions: I can’t but say that the system is incredible. Simply phenomenal in any respect, but particularly if compared to the former ‘system’. Most of all I like its perfect adherence to my head, what is confirmed by the fact that I haven’t been even once in a situation when I could be afraid of its drop off. Truly enough, I haven’t been directly in water ever since, but the difference is more than obvious with sport activities resulting in sweating; sweat really has no effect on it. Besides, it is also very lightweight so that I am actually not aware of wearing it. The former toupee was fixed to my hair what bothered me because I felt it pulling strongly on my hair. The first comparison coming upon my mind when washing my hair under the shower for the first time was a car driver’s one: it was like changing from a Yugo to Mercedes Benz.

So far I have nothing but commendations. It is true that I haven’t ‘invented’ a typical hairdress of my own I had in my best times with the former ‘system’yet, but I am closer every day.

Well, that’s all for now.
Best regards till next time.

My name is Janka and I live in Celje, Slovenia. Though I am no writer I will do my best to tell about me and the way which led me to Špela Šeme.

Four years ago my life turned upside down. Those of you who are reading this will know very well what I am talking about. Yes, my hair began to fall out. My hair of the look to be longed for by many a woman. It was long, strong and very thick. I happened to notice an area of a larger coin surface behind an ear where a tuft of hair was missing. Of course I ran to the doctor at once. And then it started. I was running from one doctor to another. I was already one step before desperation. One day at the dermatologist I met a girl who put off her wig in the presence of me. She warned me not to hide among four walls but to keep living. OK, I really don’t want to bore further this way... After half a year conditions turned much worse and my need for a wig became reality. My hairdresser helped me by doing his best and gave me advices about where to turn for some solution. So I purchased a wig, my hairdresser shaved me hairless and I put the wig on. I could burst into tears! I got familiar with it quickly and started a new life as well as possible. I must tell that I was surrounded by people who gave me every support, beside a partner loving me despite my problem. Soon afterwards I found that a wind was blowing around me constantly (I had adored wind before), that I couldn’t visit a sauna, play volleyball, basketball. Then my eyebrows and eyelashes, too, fell off. When in the morning I woke up I felt to cry. I was really as a picture without a frame (Špela’s words). I couldn’t go out without a make-up any more. I went to Ljubljana and had a permanent make-up done. Eyebrows. And there I saw an ad for this new Hair System. I took the advertising leaflet but I must admit that it remained in my purse so I forgot for it somehow.

During my last consulting at the dermatologist in Ljubljana doctor reminded me of the same matter. Surely enough I didn’t hesitate to send an e-mail next day, which was followed by an unexpected most prompt Špela’s answer the day after. So I’ve got a Hair system of my own. The hair was long and pretty just as mine once was. When I put it on all by myself for the first time I was all sweaty from nervousness. Adhesive tapes couldn’t hold at all. Now I’ve got used to it already so it only takes me a short time. Besides, I do not sweat any more. Again I started to enjoy sport, bathing and sauna. Even wind doesn’t bother me anymore. I even love it. I’ve not been diving yet though I decided to purchase Hair System exactly to be able to do it. To be able to sink my head into the sea again. I guess it could be possible but I feel sorry for my Hair System somehow. It was on my head for three days running already when I was sailing with my friends.

It happens to me frequently that my hairdress or hair colour is reason for compliments. And my answer: “Don’t you know? I HAVE A HAIR SYSTEM !!! I’M LIVING!”

I’ve been wearing wigs for 14 years already. Since my situation is not improving, I have alopecia totalis, I was already thinking of hair transplantation. I got sick of rough wigs, itching of my head, unchanged look of my hairstyle with plenty of hair, heat ....

I learned about Hair System from a magazine and while still reading the article I decided to try it. So I ordered it and soon I got my new me! It is impossible to describe the feeling it meant for me. The hair being a part of head as if it were yours.

Earlier I had been wearing common wigs that could be tightened firmly but it bothered me, so I fastened them very loosely. As a result I felt uncomfortable in a crowd, on the wind, or anywhere where I could lose my wig.

With Hair System all these fears are totally unnecessary. Quite often I even use no adhesive tapes to fasten the system because it is so perfectly molded to fit the head that it adheres to it better than any common wig.

After a long, much too long a time I can swim without fearing of being splashed over my head, I can even dive, take a shower on the beach, due to the fact that even a wet hair of Hair System conducts the same way natural hair does. I don’t mind if wind is blowing any more, I restarted my sport activities and many other things.

Hello anybody,
My story, my disease, my new hair – well, my Hair System...

I’m Eva and I’m 18. My problem is not alopecia areata because I had lost my hair at 12 as a result of my disease and, supposedly, therapies and x ray-treatments of my head which were followed by a different hair regrowth to that desired by a young girl.

If anyone believes me that I couldn’t simply get familiar with it, it’s surely you dealing the same problems. For some period I was wearing caps, for a short time also a terrible false wig, then a wig for a while, what was a satisfactory solution then, anyway, but did not permit me to engage in sports which meant so much to me before my disease – skiing, swimming, handball – or to walk on wind...., it was too easy to be noticed. Fortunately, in elementary school I had schoolmates and friends understanding me, not playing jokes with me and accepting me as ‘the bare-headed’.

Advancing to high school, however, required some more heart and selfesteem (much hurt already). I had enough of being ‘something special’, what was a kind of consolation for me by some people. But my family understood me trying to help, so my mother somehow learned about Hair System and called Špela the same day. It was holiday advent time before Christmas but Špela invited us to Kranj immediately. My mother wouldn’t tell me anything specific about it in advance, saying “you will see by yourself”. I must admit that her idea wasn’t accepted by me promptly for my opinion was then: “My mother was again made a fool by somebody!”

But.... meeting Špela was a pleasant surprise for me. Not only I met somebody with a similar problem but I also saw hair on her head looking SUPER. I had to feel it, scrutinize it as under magnifying glass to be sure this was the system and not her original hair.

The proverb says everything bad also brings something good, in any adversity something beautiful can be found, my disease did bring me many a benefit and pleasantry, too. Špela is certainly among these profits; to us ‘the bare-headed’ (and sometimes also ‘stampers-tremplers’) she brought to Slovenia something of a true value and practice. She is also a very kind and warm person I can always talk to freely and released and receive her encouragements to cheer up.
Needless to say I was enthusiastic with Hair System on my first meeting already, therefore we ordered it at once and I couldn’t wait spring, 2003 to get it.

Really ... Hair system makes ‘normal’ life possible for me now, whatever it means...

Best regards to all,

My greetings to all,
I am Miha from Ljubljana. Recently I was more and more frequently occupied by fears of becoming bald-headed sooner or later. It resulted in my urgent decision to do something just to regain the necessary self-confidence. I made up my mind to try the Hair System of Fi Potencial company, which system seemed to me the most adequate solution at that time. When they made a mold of my head where hair was missing I was most anxious about colour (will it match to my hair). And yet I was finally ascertained that it was the smallest problem for them.

Now I have been wearing Hair System for a year already and I must say I’m treating it the same way as if it were my own natural hair, being able normally to swim, play football, and even when strong wind is blowing I have nothing to be afraid of (i.e. of losing something off my head). And this is exactly what I adore with the Hair System.

Fi Potencial has a salon of their own so any concern of being disturbed by other customers is too much since every customer has his own appointment time.

I am really glad for having decided to buy the Hair System.

January, 2003
Oh no! Again I must step in front of the mirror to fit my wig on my head! Again – though I’ve done it for thousand times already! And questions again: “Any new hair grown today? Any going to grow anyway?? Is there anybody else in this ‘large’ Slovenia meeting the same little problem??? Ha, ha – little problem – what a word! Is it obvious I’m wearing wig???? Will anybody notice my loss of eyebrows and eyelashes? I hope not!!! But if yes...? What am I supposed to answer? How to explain to make them understand?!! Is it blowing outside – alas that wind – I wish it was not blowing today so that I could freely walk down the town!...” And when my thoughts are entering my head this way, early in the morning already, I also find out that I need a new one. “Well, wonderful! OK! Fine! It’s certainly the way it should be! And now????”
Since pretty long ago I’m aware this model I’ve been wearing for the fourth year already is not manufactured any more! Where to try further to find one? I’ve searched all over Slovenia and Germany without any success! I wish I find somewhere any kind of wig looking ‘normal’.
Impatient, I go to my office, proceed browsing over the web and thinking it over again! What now??? I must do something!
Then I find Špela’s phone number! Can you imagine, after four years!!!, a person supposed to have the same ‘little problem’ I do. It can’t be possible, can be?!!!! And, besides, not farther than in Kranj! I really can’t believe!! I call her immediately to arrange a meeting! Meeting? What a meeting? We were friends within minutes, both knowing very well what we were talking about. Isn’t it ridiculous one must suffer and repeat it over and over again before learning in ten minutes that we are in Slovenia a great number sharing the same fate, so all of a sudden you are not alone any more!
So “ONE BIG HELLO TO ALL OF YOU WITH THE SAME ‘LITTLE PROBLEM’!” I believe you are upset now considering it a big problem! Of course it is! But as the matter of fact, this problem of mine actually became a small problem after 30th April, 2003 when I’ve got my Hair System.

February, 2004
Good morning! I’m staying in front of the mirror and combing my hair! I’m satisfied! I draw my eyebrows and do my common make up. I find out that I’m a little bit different to others but exactly this difference, noticed by nearly nobody, gives me strength.
On 30th April, 2003, with the Hair System, I recommenced living! I came back home with a totally different hairstyle (before, I had a short wig, now I have longer hair). People were wondering and couldn’t believe their eyes when looking at me, while I was so very indifferent to what they were saying. From the very first moment on I felt free, unlimited, whatever – simply suuuuuper! It seemed and still seems so fine to me to have a hair day and night – to be, if I wish that, ‘normal’.
Truly enough, I had some troubles initially when applying and removing the adhesive tape. When fitting the Hair System onto my head. Believe me, however, that one gets used to everything very, very quickly! I haven’t any troubles left with it now, living a ‘normal’ life. I’m not thinking to be so confined any more, why I am really not! I wash my hair as everybody does, I roll them up (if I want to), I make my hairstyle. I’m not too warm under the system, I can lean down and move everywhere with no worries. After nearly six years I can swim and jump into water carelessly. I’m not afraid of little children any more and not disturbed by wind, people ....
Špela gave me my femininity back! Yes, it’s true! You women will understand it better! Quality of life is ineffably better with the Hair System!!!!!
It will be of great pleasure to me if I can meet someone of you to be able to give her or him an advice. For I know very well about your feelings of being completely alone on this world.

Hi! ( everybody in the crew )
I must tell you that I’m very satisfied with the System and so is everybody else – my boy friend, the rest of my family, friends. For a long time I was hesitating to buy it because it was a big expense for me. But from the present point of view I am sorry for not having decided earlier. I guess I regained a lot of self-confidence, I’m contented with myself again and more calm. I highly recommend the purchase to everyone having the same problem, it’s worth the money. Everybody is telling me I’m the same person as I had been before, always smiling, more relaxed, I can run, dance, jump , swim...., if a strong wind is blowing I don’t care, in a word...I am enthusiastic!
And there is something else! To meet Špela! You must make her acquaintance, she really changes your life by turning it over, in positive sense of course!

Best regards!!

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