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Our virgin European hair is the softest, silkiest hair in the world.

Since it has never been colored or processed in any way, its natural softness and luster are tangible.

It also gives you the freedom to switch it up and customize it to your liking.

Alice - short

Amber - short

Kate - short

Kellie - short

Nancy - short

Sarah - short

Grace - medium

Laura - medium

Megan - medium

Cindy - long

Reba - long

Susan - long

We do proudly present you a new exclusive collection of real human hair wigs, integration, hairpieces, and fringes. Our affordable wigs, feel natural, light, and soft, with all of the qualities and benefits that come from using real hair.

Where does the hair come from?

Our hair originates from the ponytails of girls and women in European countries.

What's the difference between Processed, Remy, and Virgin or Unprocessed hair?

Processed hair - or simply Human hair is usually swept off the floor of beauty salons in places like China or India. The cuticles of the hair are then removed in an acid bath. The black pigments of the hair then need to be bleached and dyed to create an assortment of colors to that imprecisely match Caucasian hair colors. Because the cuticles have been removed during this process, the hair becomes brittle, dry, and loses all of its luster after just a few washes.

Remy hair is mostly collected from temples in India. Although the cuticles are kept and the quality is substantially better than processed hair, the hairs are come from mixed donors.

Virgin or Unprocessed hair as used for all of our products are cut directly from ponytails of all colors and textures and has never been put through any chemicals or conditioners. The cuticles are all left intact making all the hair aligned in one direction, retaining its shine and texture wash after wash.

Most importantly, our wigs will have a more natural movement to them because the hair for each piece is sourced from a single individual's head.

With currently more than 12 different shades and styles to choose from, you can change your hairstyle for fun, fashion, or to fit the occasion without altering or damaging your own hair.

You will be delighted with all the looks you can master in minutes!

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