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How is Hair System maintained?

The System is manufactured from natural, uncoloured hair (unless otherwise wished), so maintenance is similar to that of your own hair. Regular washing with tepid water is important whenever you notice the hair is dirty (frequently tangling and not shining). It is also necessary to use conditioner to restore moisture and elasticity of hair. Air drying is recommended, however in a hurry a warm hair dryer can be used as distant from the System as still efficient. A comb with rare and pointless teeth is urgent to avoid tearing the mesh. Brushes are not recommended since more hair is pulled out by them.

How frequently Hair System should be washed?

In winter more smog means more frequent washing. The same is true if you are spending more time in rooms for smokers. There is no written rule as even for those with their own hair is. Natural hair of the System behaves naturally in wet and dry weather as well. When tiny pimples are noticed on skin it is not due to allergic reaction to the mesh or tape but dirt, so it is about last time to wash your System.

Can the System be maintained by anyone himself?

Yes; 95% of people wearing Hair System do it. At the purchase and first styling – cutting of the System written instructions for maintenance are received; besides, everything is demonstrated to the customer who can also try to place the System and take it off by himself when still with us. If anything is left unclear you are encouraged not to hesitate to call us and make any uncertainty clear.

What is the Tutorship Program?

It is a special awarding system enabling up to even 50% reduction of purchase rate for Hair System. Some of you have been wearing the System for over three years and are true professionals in handling it already. So you share your enthusiasm over the System with your friends and others, and advising them about decision to purchase and later maintenance you spare a lot of our time. Therefore we decided to award you with a chance to buy a Hair System for you at a lower price. If you have not been a tutor to anyone yet and are interested in it ask in our studio.

Is the System delivered as cut to final hair-style already?

No, the System is delivered to us in Slovenia in a raw state, what means that all of the hair is of the same length. Our specialised staff then makes a desired hairstyle from it. When the system is ordered (i. e. when the plaster mould of the head is taken) hair thickness, colour, curliness or smoothness, parting location (or none), colour tint of the micro-mesh, and approximate final length of the hair are determined according to your wishes.

Are there any side effects of wearing Hair System?

No. There are no proven side effects known up to this time. Double-sided transparent adhesive tape is medically tested, the micro-mesh is full of tiny holes so that skin can breathe (what specifically makes dermathologists very happy), and the hair of the system is 100% natural anyhow.

Can sports be practised normally with Hair System on one’s head?

Absolutely. Hair System is designed for active people’s needs, and sport belongs here in first place. You can surf, dive, drive a motor-cycle, play football or ride... It is important, however, that the adhesive tape is exchanged before any of the said activities in order to assure its perfect function.

What about the System while swimming or generally being in water?

The tapes used to fix the System are specifically patented for it, being strong, transparent and water-resistant so that they don’t peel off under water and even not if rain comes over you unexpected or when you are sweating. During consultations we can prove you how strong adhesion of the System is by fixing a sample on your head with just one tape.

But if tapes are so firmly adhered to head – how can Hair System be removed then?

That’s why a special spray for detaching the tapes is needed, not being detrimental to the hair. The spray is available in our studio, of course. In case no hair is left on head or at least no hair is on spot where the tape is applied (at the edge of the System) no spraying on head is necessary and it can be removed dry. In this case spray is then applied only on the system (tape) to release it from the micro-mesh.

What about washing the head?

Hair System can be washed on head or removed before washing. In former case it is extremely important not to lean your head over the sink (the way women are usually washing their hair) because this gives more possibility to hair to be tied in knots - tangling. While leaning above the sink your hair is namely forced by water jet in a position opposite to direction of tiing hair into the mesh of the System, again causing tangling and difficulties with combing, cosequently. When washing System on your head do it under the shower, lean your head back and follow the normal form of your hairstyle with water jet. If you have a parting line the jet should fall as near the middle of it as possible.

Shampoo must be applied twice and then rinsed off, followed by a layer of conditioner. It shouldn’t rest on the mesh what would cause knots on the hair tied to the mesh becoming loose. Hair would be lost more rapidly as a result.

If you prefer to wash your System after removing it you first comb it out. Then it can be taken off the head, adhesive tape is removed and the System is immersed into the sink or washing bay of tepid water with mesh outside and hair inside.

And what if my hair is already grey somewhere? Is it possible to colour my hair then?

If you wish to keep your grey hair visible (mostly men with partial Systems) a System with similar percentage of grey hair to that left on head is suggested to be ordered. For this purpose a sample of your hair is taken and added to photos and plaster mould of the head.

If you colour your hair the shade of Hair System is determined by the colour you have chosen as finally desired. You continue colouring of the hair grown later the way you did it before, but removing of the System is recommended previously. According to our customers’ informations there are some advantages in this due to the fact that colouring of the new hair had to be more frequent before, now being less evident under the system (when on top of head or above forehead)!

Can hair be added to an obsolete System?

Yes. On receiving the System a spare crest of hair is enclosed which is then added to the spot with thinner hair if necessary. It is done every three to six months in average, by some users even only once a year or two.

What does the rate of loosing hair off the System depend on?

Hair System is like a dress. Just as any undershirt lasting certain number of washes, definite quantity of UV rays, mechanical and other treatments (polishing, colouring,...). The more frequent all the said treatments have been the sooner should hair be added and the shorter life of the System will be. But it can definitely already be stated that System useful life period with most users is 3 to 4 years if handled with due care.

How is the System attached onto the head?

By transparent, water-resistant, double-sided adhesive tapes, specifically designed for this purpose. That means they are extremely thin and strong at the same time.

How frequently adhesive tapes should be changed?

It depends on how intense is your sweating and also on contents of acids in your sweat. Acids in one’s body are namely gradually dissolving the adhesive tape resulting in lasting maximum one month of continuous wear. The tapes being water-resistant, sweating alone is not very problematic really, but care must be taken when sticking tape that skin is dry, ungreasy and hairless (where tapes are applied).

What is usual time spent for setting the System on?

At start we suggest you take your time and set the System for the first time when you are not in a hurry. In no way do it before leaving for your job! Usually it takes more time at the beginning (as is the case with any novelty) but after a month or so you will be already skilled enough to set it in two minutes.

What kinds of hairstyles are possible with the System?

All kinds! Here lies the beauty of the System! Hair about 1 cm long, of half body length or small plaits all over the head can be chosen. As many photos as possible (your own ones or those from magazines) are recommended to be brought to consultation to show us what you really want so that we can suggest you properly about hair thickness, length and structure of the System.

What is really practical life period of the System?

Up to four years. Why up to ...? Because it depends on you. Maintenance is simple, you only must follow verbal and written instructions received on setting. Useful life of the System is shortened by nervous combing (hair is broken), frequent washing (more than once a week), colouring, curling, and anything causing repeated rubbing of hair (e.g. wearing helmet). As the matter of fact, the micro-mesh could last much longer but natural hair gradually begins to lose its gloss, split and break.

Is the price of the second System the same as when ordered for the first time?

No, if you order two systems at the same time. So manufacturer’s job is simplified because it means that on hair stock exchange only one inquiry is necessary for specific hair type and his expenses are diminished due to quantity discount. That’s why price of the second System is reduced by 10%.
If the second System is ordered later its price remains the same because manual production (manufacture) of the second System is also unique. Making plaster mould again is not necessary, however, because the principal in Hollywood always keeps the first one. So if you wish another System identic to the first one you can order it with us simply by phone or email.

What are inevitable additional expenses when I decide to purchase the System?

Beside the System you also need some accessories (spray and adhesive tapes) which cost additional 71 euros appr., being sufficient usually for about half a year (depending on how often adhesive tapes are exchanged). That’s all. No hidden costs or obligatory expenses of maintenance in our studio, whatsoever.

Why the Hair System looks better with only thin hair or shaven head beneath it?

Its transparent mesh and the chosen hair simulate your scalp. Your own hair could be visible under transparent mesh unless an extremely thick hairstyle is chosen. As the matter of fact, there are some customers who decided to keep their hair under the System, but we suggest to shave at least about 1 cm above forehead (if there is any hair left). There is namely the scalp border where no visible edges are desired when wind is blowing.

What is delivery time of the System?

Three months. Keep in mind that everything is made manually and the hairs are tied under microscope (front part) and magnifier (rest). However, in some rare cases it happened to be sent to us within two months.

Are any Hair Systems for men also available?

Certainly. Manufacturing process of a System for men and women differs mostly only in hair thickness (density) (hair-dresses for women usually need more hair). In any case they are delivered in raw form – all hair of the same length – and cut only in our studio.

Can the System be made specifically for unusual shapes of hairless areas?

Yes. This is exactly one of advantages of the System. Any shape of the mesh where hair is to be tied can be designed. Thus covering of areas remaining hairless after accidents or due to alopecia areata is possible. In latter case the System is recommended only if the shape of bare areas remained unchanged for some months at least.

Can Hair System be worn over my own hair too?

Yes. But in such a case its fastening is different – by tiny combs clipped to your hair. This kind of fastening is less stable and not recommended to persons active in sports. Combinations of adhesive tapes and tiny combs are also available.

What kind of warranty is given for Hair system?

Warranty is granted for colour, length and texture of hair desired, and for colour of mesh – shortly, for the outer appearance of goods ordered. If you take regular care of your System in our studio so that we know what has been brought on its hair we grant you additional 6 months’ warranty. Regarding the fact that customer is provided with every detail about maintenance of the system, responsibility for it is assumed to be his.

How frequently should hair be cut in your studio if partial Hair System is worn?

If you wear a partial System it depends on the rate of growing of your own hair. Faster they grow more frequently they need to be cut to desired length and shape of the system. Usually it means once a month. If your hair is longer the difference between lengths of your hair and hair of the System is lesser, so you can trick a little and cut, say, only every three months. You are welcome to our studio or have your hair cut by your hair-dresser, you just must warn him (her) what you are wearing on your head – to assure his attention!.

Do dandruff or little pimples on head mean any problem with Hair System?

We recommend that these troubles are dispensed with before System is started to be used. They don’t really impede wearing or skin breathing but there is certain possibility that the adhesive tape should be changed more frequently due to a faster build-up of dandruff particles on it, resulting in loss of indispensable adhesive properties. This could mean that changing the tape will be necessary, say, every week.

Is an allergy to the adhesive tapes possible?

Adhesive tapes are medically tested by manufacturer and there have been no proven allergies reported untill now. If you are worried anyway please stick a piece of the tape used with System on inside of your wrist (where allergies are normally tested) and remove it after several days. The tape normally leaves a trace similar to that of a medical adhesive plaster. This trace should soon disappear.

How long can the System be worn on head non-stop?

Up to one month. Adhesive tapes should be changed afterwards because their adhesive properties necessary for any sport activities are lost after that period.

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