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Hair Genesis Studio
Komenskega 1
4000 Kranj, Slovenia
00386 31 444 868
00386 4 5329 664
Lakmartinska br. 4
51 500 Krk
00385 99 224 80 90

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We do offer the possiblity to participate in our extensive Franchising system. This offer is open only to the hair salons which have strict rules about the privacy of their clients, respect their wishes for anonimity and do respect the necessity of the individual treatment. Our client list includes several TV personalities, people from show business, TOP management and people which are frequently in the spot of the public eye.

This possibility is the best choice to become a part of the Hollywood crew and to really assist people with hair loss.

We are currently seeking a prospective franchise owner in Austria, England and Germany.
Hair systems, Natural hair line, Hair genesis studio, Fi Potencial d.o.o., Komenskega 1, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia
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